Don’t be melodramatic. I’m just getting on a train and leaving forever. – Sheldon Cooper

By Ben


This fall, I wanted to find an adventure that would allow me to stay within the USA and finally get to see some of our own country for once.  My original plan was to drive to the Grand Canyon, but after my truck went kaput, I had to bail on that idea.  After some other travel plans for a different country fell through for this fall with a friend, I decided that I needed to get back to the books and figure something out. One thing that kept creeping back into conversation with lots of people was taking the trains.  After about 2 seconds of pondering, I decided this was the time. I had 2 weeks left of vacation, and decided instantly that this is what I was going to do!

My plan for the fall consists of not just seeing the country, but seeing friends. Seeing new cities, and getting to revisit my favorites.  Past and present will all fall into place as I will get to rekindle some friendships and hopefully make many more along the way.  I am very excited to do this, and while I wanted to spend some time in nature, I will get to mix the best of both worlds as I blaze by on the trains through some of the best scenery such as Glacier National Park! Since I live in MT, I decided not to make a couple day stay, as I wanted to extend out of the state and into places i have not been before.

My Trip consists of a flight from Billings to Portland, where some friends will pick me up and take me around for a while.  Then on to Seattle, a short 45 hour ride to Chicago, another 18 hour ride to DC, then to Philly and an end in my favorite stop of all, NYC!  Its going to be tiring.  My limits of patience might be tested, but in the end, I am excited to be on the move. This is my element, and I am excited to bring you on board with me!


The Details!


Date Itinerary Flight/Train No Time
Saturday, October 17, 15 Fly from Billings to Portland – (arrive 9:48am) DL2306 & DL623 6:25am – 7:42 & 8:50am – 9:48am
Sunday, October 18, 15 Day in Salem
Monday, October 19, 15 Train to Seattle – (depart 6:42am) – 1/2 day seattle (arrive noon) 500 Amtrak Cascades 6:42am – 12:00pm (5 hr, 18 min)
Tuesday, October 20, 15 day in Seattle
Wednesday, October 21, 15 1/2 day in Seattle – Train to Chicago (depart 4:40pm) 8 Empire Builder 4:40pm – 3:55pm (Oct 23)
Thursday, October 22, 15 Train to Chicago (All day) 8 Empire Builder 45 hr, 15 min
Friday, October 23, 15 Train to Chicago – 1/2 day Chicago (arrive 3:55pm)
Saturday, October 24, 15 Chicago
Sunday, October 25, 15 1/2 Day Chicago – Train to DC – (depart 6:40pm) 30 Capitol Limited 6:40pm – 1:05pm (Oct 26)
Monday, October 26, 15 Train to DC – 1/2 day DC (arrive 1:05pm) 30 Capitol Limited 17 hr, 25 min
Tuesday, October 27, 15 DC
Wednesday, October 28, 15 Train to Philly – Full day in Philly 172 Northeast Regional 7:25am – 9:19am (1 hr, 54 min)
Thursday, October 29, 15 Philly
Friday, October 30, 15 1/2 day Philly – Train to NYC – 1/2 day in NYC 648 Keystone Service 11:45am – 1:10pm (1 hr, 25 min)
Saturday, October 31, 15 NYC
Sunday, November 1, 15 NYC
Monday, November 2, 15 Fly Home??
Tuesday, November 3, 15 Fly home??









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